Gum disease therapy / Periodontal treatment

Undoubtedly, the best anti-periodontitis treatment is immediate prevention.


Dental check-ups at regular intervals combined with perfect oral hygiene keep bacteria at bay and prevent infections. This is one of the reasons why our practice relies on thorough prophylaxis programmes and, of course, on our qualified specialist team!


  • Once periodontitis is diagnosed, we assist you in fighting it by clearing the root surfaces from bacteria in order to eliminate the infection (see Systematic Periodontal Treatment).
  • In several cases we even manage to rebuild both the lost bone substance and the periodontium (see bone rebuilding and gum rebuilding) 
  • In particularly advanced and hopeless cases of gum disease (but only then!), we will have to remove the tooth and, in all probability, refill the gap with a dental implant (see implants and periodontitis).


Our mutual success is guaranteed by the lifelong care programme offered by our KU64 dental hygienist team after completion of the "active" treatment phase (see aftercare programme - the so-called "recall").


Edited September 2011 by  KU64, Dentist in Berlin for Gum diseases/Parodontology

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